It’s not complicated, so don’t worry;) What you need to do in the first step is to choose a provider. There are few providers on the market the most popular:

Choose one of them and then pick a good domain (if you would like to find more information about how to choose a good domain please refer to this article).


Remember that you can choose a different domain end like com. eu. org. net. biz. info. But also more sophisticated like me. wedding. legal. fit, service. eco.

Please, also be aware that you pay for domain every year or two – it depends on which option you choose. The most popular is for one year or for two years after that time, to keep the domain you will have to renew it.


First, let me explain to you what is hosting. Hosting is a virtual place where you keep your website. In a real word your business, let’s say a shop has a location – your domain/website needs kind of location as well so it has got a virtual location. Your website will contain files that will be stored by a hosting company on a server. So as a regular business, your website also needs storage space but on slightly different conditions- on the internet.

Similarly like with a domain, hosting also will have packages – it depends what you need. If you just need one website you don’t have to buy a big space on a server.

What you should check before you buy hosting

Good to have: