Ranking on Google is the best way to get your website noticed and found. The higher your ranking, the better that people can find your site, and your traffic will increase. It takes a while to build your ranking. It’s a slow and somewhat tedious process, and it won’t happen overnight. But there are definite steps you can take to increase your google ranking.

How To Boots Google Ranking For Free?

Optimise your website

This is the first step to take and helps you start on a good foundation. Your Google rating will suffer if it’s challenging to navigate. Perform a technical SEO audit on your site. If you do not know how to do this yourself, many websites will do this for you. Next, fix any duplicate content. The one thing to look for is multiple versions of the same page.

Optimise your site for mobile users

Google Places a high value on a mobile user’s experience. This makes sense since most users are using mobile phones for their searching. Users of your website need to be able to perform tasks on your site efficiently and without any problems. Make sure they can do it easily and quickly and without any effort on their part.

Optimise Your Website for Speed

You need to check your site for speed regularly. People have short attention spans and will click out of it if it takes too much time to load, or if it takes too long to move from page to page. Google knows this since their top priority is user experience, they will penalize sites that are too slow. To increase the speed, you need to have image sizes that are quick to load. You can further optimize your images by using an image compression optimizer tool. You can find these online.

External And Internal links

Fix your broken links. Do not ignore them, and hope they will go away because they won’t. Run a crawl on your site and quickly spot 404 errors and fix them. You can use a site like Moz to run a free crawl for you. And by doing a crawl by them, it will pick up many issues with your website.

On-page Optimisation

Google wants to help people out with their optimizing. They wrote a guide called “Search Engine Optimization SEO Starter Guide.” Use it because it helps a lot. For on-page optimization, use unique brief and descriptive titles. Create meta descriptions that make people want to click on your website.

Create Backlinks To Your Site

Backlinks are the most crucial way to gain authority for your website, and it will boost you in your Google ranking. Backlinks are links on another website that points back to your site. The website must be a higher authority website. Low-quality links will actually hurt your website ranking. Never buy backlinks because if Google finds out, they will penalize your site. One way to get backlinks is to guest post on another website. Other ways are being listed in directories, answering questions in Quora, and social media mentions. Remember it’s quality over quantity so get high authority backlinks to link back onto your site. These examples are great ways on how to rank higher on Google. Remember that it takes time, and it’s a slow process. But with some patience, you will definitely see results in